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i believe in capturing the you in youth. the you that is alive beneath the weight of it all. the bold + daring you. the you that is eager for the future. the you that is an adventurer + fearless + a little scared at the same time. the you that views the world with a different perspective: big + scary + exciting + limitless, + you cant wait to leap in. the you that dreams + hopes + aspires to be more. to go places. to be known. + to love + be loved in return. the you that wants to feel like a celebrity + the you that sometimes wants to hide. the you whose very soul is hidden in your favorite song. your favorite book. your favorite movie. or your best selfie. the you that is one of a kind. the You that is fearfully + wonderfully made. the You that is set apart!  i believe in you. i believe in your story. i believe in the young, free-spirited, brazen + beautiful soul; the you that never fades. here's to the notion of an  infinite YOU[th]. 

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the KEC

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Our ideal client: We are looking to work with lively + bold + spirited teens, high school + college young adults who want to create unique, "out of the Pinterest box" portraits that are filled with energy, personality and most of all, originality. If you are up for something different and want to stand out, I'm your girl! Let's create something amazing together!

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While it is in fact a digital age, I still believe that something you can hold in your hands  or hang on your wall is cool.

When you invest in a Kellie Ray experience, not only do you get your digital photo's to share on social media, but you also get your one of a kind images (including behind the scenes shots) laid out in our very own "BRAZEN Magazine" completely personalized about you and for you from the cover to the centerfold to the last amazing page.

PLUS: We believe your stunning photos should be displayed on a larger scale. You will choose your absolute favorite from your experience and we will deliver it to you on a beautiful 11x14 canvas. 

Both the magazine and canvas is included in your pricing!


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To provide the best possible experience, allowing for maximum time for pre-shoot styling, touch-ups, shooting and location + wardrobe changes, we present you with the one and only, all-inclusive...


  • 45 Minute Creative Planning Consultation

  • Styling Session with Professional Hair + Makeup with Set Change Touch-Ups 

  • 2 Hour Multi-Location Photoshoot

  • (30) High-Res Digital Images + Print Release 

  • One Personalized Copy of BRAZEN Magazine

  • (1) 11x14 Canvas of Your Favorite Shot

   ⁠— 1000

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Hey guys! I am the wife of a soldier and a mom of two boys. I love Jesus, the feel of brand new socks and a good cheeseburger. When I'm not behind my camera, you will most often find me in my robe with my hair in a bun, on the couch in front of my laptop editing photos, or creating something for fun. My creative brain never seems to shut off for very long. But I love it so much. Nice to meet you!